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Royal Hamam Spa
Royal Hamam Day Spa is passionate about building long-term relationships by providing an extraordinary guest experience and customer service in clean, relaxing and opulent surroundings.

Our Vision
Our objective is to hire and train staff who are committed to excellence, and to help them achieve their greatest potential in their field of expertise through ongoing training.

Royal Hamam Spa We are a team of well trained and experienced Therapists. We are specialist in treatment of conditions such as arthritis and backache, build up muscles after injury or illness or to stimulate the immune system, and enjoy a relief from day-to-day stress.

Royal Hamam Spa A therapy improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Royal Hamam Spa Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body's waste products.

Royal Hamam Spa It has been proved that therapy releases a hormone called Serotonin that enhances the body and mind's "feel good" state. When you receive a spa service, your mind, body and soul are in harmony.

Royal Hamam Spa Professional athletes and fitness freaks, along with physical pampering, experience great relief in easing muscle tensions and cramps through trained therapists and relax every part of their body through deep tissue therapies.

Royal Hamam Spa Pre-natal and post-natal benefits for women is one of the most important factors for experiencing a therapy.- Massage therapy can help with pain management in chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.

Royal Hamam Spa By indulging in body contouring services at a spa, you can keep the extra pounds off and keep your body in shape and beautiful.

Royal Hamam Spa Body polishes gently exfoliate your skin, promoting cellular renovation, refining pores and gives your skin uniform relief.

Royal Hamam Spa Water treatments feed the soul. Like life, water is yin and yang; when your body is submerged in water you find true balance, as water provides the equilibrium.

Royal Hamam Spa Heat treatments in the form of either warm, dry air or warm, moist air heat the body to stimulate blood circulation, initiating the purifying process.

Royal Hamam Spa Therapeutic muds in either 'rasuls' or 'serial' chambers, exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate toxins and increase circulation.

Royal Hamam Spa Body wraps are exceptionally beneficial as a quick way to remineralise the body, replenish it with nutrients and elements lost on a daily basis, thus boosting moisture in your skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax you.

Royal Hamam wellness SPA is a young, Dynamic yet very professionally managed SPA, currently we are operating from multiple branches in Gurgaon and Royal Hamam is registered brand of Vansh Spa & Wellness pvt. ltd. We have professionally trained therapist with average expereince of 5+ years.

We aim at providing serenity, harmony, detoxification of the body and especially cared for therapies to reduce stress and increase body energy flow.

Royal Hamam believes in providing royal treatment to its esteemed clients to refresh & revitalize their body & mind.

Royal Hamam Spa

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